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The masks you wear from day to day,
Not always different, yet sometimes change.
A serious mask while at school,
No messing around, that's the rule.
A cool mask to wear around,
Got to show of, have to be the clown.
A playful mask, when we're alone,
No one to see what you have shown.
But the masks come off when you get home,
Nothing to hide when you're alone.
So many masks, what are they for?
To hide a pain? A thought?
A fear? Or more?
Within your head these thought race 'round.
What do they say?
What have you found?
If to remove these masks, what would it reveal?
Something to hide? Something to feel?
Behind those masks there's something to show,
So what do you look like? We want to know.

1839542544-1.jpgLeider ist es wirklich so, dass viele einem nur etwas vorspielen.
Wer kennt denn nicht diese Art von "Freunden",die einen dann fallen lassen, sobald es ernst wird.


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